dis·si·dent - a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state.

In 2032 the election is cancelled and martial law is imposed in New York City. Hans, a young journalist with a photographic memory must liberate the public's online identities before a planned uprising to Opt Out. 

"In a Dark Time the Eye Begins to See." - Theodore Roethke

THE DISSIDENT will be released one page per day throughout 2017!

On New Year's Eve 2032, HANS NOBEL, a journalist with a photographic memory, finds himself at the center of a political uprising when an activist movement called ECHO rebels against an oppressive system that uses personal online information to oppress its citizens. When the national election is cancelled, the public is fed up and join the ECHO' activists who have "opted out" of social technology. Echo plans an uprising timed to coincide with a hack of the system's data hub called "The Nucleus" where all personal information is stored, in order to ensure the "Opt Outers" identities will remain anonymous and safe from reprisal. Hans is tasked to hack and destroy the Nucleus'. But as forces close in Hans must become a human back-up-drive, running into the heart of the uprising in Times Square to deliver the code to Fathom and save the Opt Outers from mass persecution.

The Dissident: Resurrection XXX

When NYC falls under martial law, a young American dissident escapes to Amsterdam only to discover there is nowhere you can run from injustice.

Continue the adventures of Hans Nobel, an American exile who escapes to Amsterdam after America's democracy collapses in The Dissident: Resurrection XXX! Hans soon discovers that you can't run from tyranny when he uncovers a corrupt Dutch leader's conspiracy involving eco-assassins, kidnapping, human experiments, and a plot to kill anyone who resists the despot's plan to take over Europe. With the help of an underground resistance network Hans resurrects a legendary outlawed newspaper to expose the truth and spark a revolution!

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