Chapter 0 - Page 59

ROLAND: No. You've done your part. I want you and Sara on that ship to Amsterdam in one hour. Your gift is the greatest weapon that ECHO has. We need you gone so we can fight another day. That's always been the plan.

HANS: Really? This was the plan? I never signed up for a mass sacrifice. Or to cut and run when things got too hot. I thought...



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Chapter 0 - Page 58

ROLAND: Don't worry, ECHO has been preparing for this day for over a decade. We're ready to take the fight to them.

HANS: I always thought you were ballsy, Roland, but this is totally reckless! They will hunt down everyone involved!

ROLAND: Then you should have breached that firewall.

HANS: We will but...

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Chapter 0 - Page 56

HANS: And that's why we need more time to protect their anonymity. You're leading them into the meat grinder! They're the ones who will feel the resistance most!

ROLAND: True. Times Square is about to "blow up" and be streamed online for all to see. They will have made a great sacrifice that means something. 

HANS: It's futile! And you know it!

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Chapter 0 - Page 55

ROLAND: It isn't, Hans. Revolution is a sum of many parts. This is just the first part. 

HANS: What's that supposed to mean?

ROLAND: It means that revolution requires bodies. 

HANS: Excuse me?

ROLAND: Look, Hans. Even if this initial uprising amounts to psychological warfare, the system will know the resistance is real. They need to see us. Feel us.

Chapter 0 - Page 45


HANS (narration): ECHO had a lot of plans in the works. There was a vast organization that was building toward the uprising.

HANS: Online in 5, 4...

HANS (narration): Roland Cale, aka Fathom, was the voice taking the Opt Out message to the people. He was becoming more brazen by the day, taking ECHO's message to the web to build up more followers.

HANS ...2, 1.

ROLAND: Citizens, we are ECHO. We seek to free everyone from The Nucleus. We encourage you to join our Opt Out movement. 

ECHO AVITAR (continues): We Opt Out for our children and a future where they don't live in fear. Join us.